osOpinion: Why is Linux Even in the Running?

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Why is Linux even being considered for desktop, server and
moreover, mission critical systems these days? The answer is easy.
Open Source. Open technologies are at the very heart of all the
most prolific technologies, in any field. For the sake of this
discussion, let’s stick to computers and communications.

“In 1981 before IBM came out with their first PC, they were
faced with a decision, The decision to use proprietary
architecture, or to use an open architecture. Fortunately for me,
and millions like me, they chose open architecture. Their reason
was to get to market in a short period of time to try and capture
market share. Shortly thereafter, computer manufacturers reverse
engineered the only proprietary component, the BIOS…”

“TCP/IP is what we all use to communicate on the Internet. It is
an open protocol. It is well documented, and anyone who wishes to
can write an application using the TCP/IP protocol for
communications. Not DECnet, SNA, or XNS, for they are not open.
These protocols are proprietary. One must pay for the privilege of
using them. Therefore, TCP/IP is the protocol of choice, and will
be some time to come.?”