osOpinion: Why Java seems doomed to fail…

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

If there was a free software version of Java available, or
better yet if Sun would work in concert with the Mozilla
development team to integrate a Java vm into Mozilla/Netscape then
there would finally be a platform users could run Java from.

Barring Netscape on Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Internet
explorer of course.”

“Now of course I could just stop doing development on the
Linux/Unix platform and switch to Windows and then I’d have Java
(actually I’d just quit being a s/w developer and work in a pub or
something). But if I’m going to do that then why not look into MS
technologies? For instance my websites could use active-x, I could
choose servers that run NT, and generally lock myself into MS

“Essentially for all it’s blustering, Sun’s best Java platform
is on Windows and developers there are constantly being coaxed into
a proprietary, MS-only development environment. I can’t
realistically develop Java on Linux – it’s easier to get an
intercal compiler on Linux then it is to get Java development
environment on Linux.”


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