osOpinion: Why Linux won’t go away…

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

Imagine an organization with hundreds (or thousands) of
developers working for it. All the developers pick their own
working hours.
This organization has no personnel department,
no accounting department, no marketing department (manages more
than a 200% annual growth rate mainly through “word of mouth”
advertising), no legal department, does not have to pay rent, gas,
electric, or water bills… Has no “managerial types” – each and
every developer manages their own workload… There are no
receptionists, no janitors, and no formal public relations
department. All software products and documentation are released
electronically leaving virtually no distribution costs….”

“Now imagine that your job is to compete with this organization!
The “organization” I’m referring to are the hundreds of active open
source projects.”

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