osOpinion: Why Linux

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Linux isn’t just about who has the better OS, it isn’t about
hardware support, it isn’t about scalability or applications or
games availibility It’s about freedom, freedom of choice, freedom
of speech, freedom from oppression. I would gladly go back to the
days of linux being able to support not much more than a floppy
disk drive and one network card. I would still use it because of
the principles and ideals that set it apart from any other OS.”

“The people who complain about it not supporting 100% of games
or whatever don’t seem to get what the alternative is. It’s easy to
say Linux is better than a certain monoploy based OS but to put
your money (ok it’s free but nevermind) where your mouth is, is
something else.”

“Now I will fight any oppression, injustice or unfairness
because my ideals lead me to believe that the world *should* be
fair, and if it is not then it’s my duty to make it so. But what
differnce does one voice make against millions? It makes no
differnce but if everyone thought that they’re voice was the
unimportant one then democracy crumbles.