osOpinion: Windows 2000 more stable? Bunk

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“I recently installed Windows 2000 Server on an IBM Netfinity
3500 dual-CPU server. Nothing exotic there. I even upgraded the
BIOS according to IBM’s instructions. And in fact, the install was
painless. Even with adding the Terminal Server service it went like
a charm and it worked for at least a week….”

“You see, this machine has a Yamaha CDRW drive in it. W2K
recognized it no problem. Well, about a week after installing the
OS I decided it was stable enough to attempt to install the Adaptec
DirectCD utility that came with the drive. That was enough to send
W2K into a tailspin from which it couldn’t recover….”

Having never even looked at BSD, I managed to download,
install and configure an OpenBSD firewall in about 3 hours. Sure, I
had to pour over a few HOWTO’s, but that’s the thing about BSD and
Linux documentation…there’s some real-world stuff out there.

Nada for Microsoft. You’d be lucky to find anything close to what
you’re looking for in the so-called Knowledge Base. Oh, and the
system I installed BSD on? A Pentium 133 with 16MB. It absolutely
screams, even running DHCP, NAT, and a few forwarding requests in
addition to the firewall filters.”

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