osOpinion: Yet Another Problem With Windows 2000

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Windows 2000 was finally released early this year, and
organizations are going through a process of deciding whether or
not to convert over to it. This is a complicated question, and many
articles have been published about the pluses and minuses of this
new piece of software. However, there is one extremely important
problem with W2K that has received virtually no attention.”

“To see what this problem is, you have to understand Microsoft’s
long-range strategy. From the beginning, Microsoft’s goal with
NT/2000 has been to displace all other operating systems in
enterprises and other large organizations, with the immediate
target being the various versions of Unix. To do this, NT/2000
would have to match Unix on key variables, including scalability
and stability….”

An organization that presently uses NT 4.X has three
options: stay with its present operating system, convert over to
2000, or bite the bullet and switch over to Unix/Linux.
deciding which option to take, the organization needs to look not
just at where 2000 is right now, but what is going to happen in the
long term. Everyone agrees that converting over to 2000 is a
massive project. If organizations realize that, only a few years
later, they will be asked to undergo yet another huge, expensive
conversion effort, they may well decide to switch.”

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