Packt Publishing Believes in Open Source, Donates Over $300K to Projects

“Packt today announced that its donations to open source
projects have surpassed the $300,000 mark. Following its first
donation to the phpMyAdmin project in April 2004, the company has
gone on to provide sustained support for over 70 different open
source projects.

“Packt has introduced initiatives such as the annual Open Source
Award and Open Source Project Royalty Scheme to provide sustained
donations to projects over the last six years.

“”Most of the money that we’ve used, donated from Packt has gone
towards running jQuery conferences for the community and bringing
together the jQuery team to do development work together.” said
John Resig, the founder of the popular JavaScript library, jQuery.
“The financial contributions have been very valuable and in that
regard, have resulted in a team that’s able to operate much more
efficiently and effectively.”