Palm Gives WebOS Homebrew Hackers a Little Love

“Up until recently, if you wanted to hack your Palm Pre, you
hopped over to the Pre-Central forums for all of your hacking
needs, where you could find concise and usually simple explanations
from the experts of WebOS Internals and the like. It was all at
your own risk, of course, but you were treading a path that someone
who knew more than you had already trail blazed (and uploaded
screenshots in a how-to form). Well, those days seem to be
over–and for the better. Palm has released Preware Homebrew
Documentation, and with it they’ve put the knowledge, tools, and
know-how of a few years worth of hacking into every WebOS users
hands. Now everyone can have thousands of well-made and free
applications, patches, themes, and assorted customizations all
rolled into one package by a supportive community.”

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