PalmSource Goes Linux, Palm Goes Windows

Brightsource: Palm Tried to Buy PalmSource

“Earlier this month, much of the handheld world was stunned by
the sudden announcement that PalmSource was being bought by
Japan-based Access Co., Ltd.

“It wasn’t surprising that this company was being acquired, but
most people had been expecting the buyer to be Palm, Inc…”


Business Week: Palm Taps Microsoft

“Is the Palm software that powered the first practical handheld
in 1996 and redefined mobile computing on the road to oblivion? It
sure looks that way, at least for devices such as Palm’s popular
Treo, which combines voice and e-mail service with the traditional
contacts and calendar functions of a personal digital assistant
(PDA). Palm will soon announce a Treo powered not by Palm OS
software but by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5. And while Palm will
sell both Palm OS and Windows Treos for the indefinite future,
Microsoft software is likely to dominate the market over

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