Pardus 2011 on the way with new goodies

“Pardus Linux, a popular independent distribution funded and
developed by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of
Turkey, will be releasing version 2011 in the coming weeks and with
it lots of nice updates and improvements.

“Package Manager

“Pardus features its own package management system, PiSi, and
the easy-to-use graphical front-end has received some attention
this developmental cycle. The most noticeable change is the
addition of Tabs. These new tabs make it easier to navigate the
various operations supported in the Pardus Package Manager such as
viewing All Packages, Installable Packages, and Upgradeable
Packages. Not only is this easier for the users, but it also saves
precious screen space. Like Sabayon and Linux Mint, Pardus has
incorporated a scoring system into the Package Manager.”