PC Plus: February issue includes Star Office and much more

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PC Plus February 1999, issue 148
On sale 24th December 1998 in the UK

A real bonanza this month for Linux users. First and foremost, there is the
inclusion of the oft-requested StarOffice 5.0 Personal Edition on the
SuperCD. PC Plus is the only UK magazine to gain rights to include it and we
won't be able to repeat it, so grab your copy while you can!

Along with StarOffice 5.0, there's a wealth of Linux information, reviews
and tutorials both in this month's magazine and on the SuperCD. Here's a
quick guide to where you'll find it all.

In the Magazine
For the first time this November, Linux featured at the world's largest
computer trade fair. Find out about Corel Computer's new Linux NetWinder
computer and their Linux port for WordPerfect 8. The full report is on page

Special Investigation
Puzzled by the penguin? Wondering which iceberg he (she? it?) has suddenly
sprung from, what's happening right now and which direction it's drifting
in? Read our special investigation for the complete Linux low-down. Page 31.

Linux Books
No, they're not all published by Penguin. But you will find out what's worth
sticking your beak into on page 160.
Red Hat 5.2 Review
OS World weighs the worth of the latest from Red Hat, one of the most
popular commercial releases of Linux. It starts on page 198.

Linux Workshop
UNIX, the father of Linux, runs most of the world's networking computers, 
soit will come as no surprise that Linux is pretty good at it too. Learn the
basics of Linux networking in the first of our new series of Linux
Workshops, on page 240.

On the SuperCDs

Linux Software
As well as StarOffice 5, there's the latest stable release of the Linux
kernel 2.0.36 is on this month's CD. We've also got the much requested
Java Development Kit (1.1.7), the most recent release of Blender, Linux's
premier modelling, animation, rendering and post production program. Plus
DDD, a code debugger, and an MPEG player.

The Linux Kernel tutorialJonathan Nicholson walks you through compiling your 
kernel to get the most
from your system.

Watch video footage of Corel Computers demonstrating their new NetWinder
Computer, and see a Red Hat technician (wearing, what else? ...a red hat)
talk about the future of Linux.
This month's CD software is the first of three months worth of special,
exclusive Linux software on the CD, so if you want to make sure you don't
miss out, order your copy of the February issue today and subscribe to PC
Plus to ensure you get our next issues. PC Plus on-line has recently been
re-designed and not only does it now include a special section for Linux, it
also now offers the facility to order a copy of PC Plus on-line or buy the
current issue. Check out http://www.pcplus.co.uk.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire PC Plus team.