PC Week: Hush-hush Transmeta to unveil Crusoe chip

“The wraps are about to come off the Crusoe, a new
microprocessor developed by the highly secretive Transmeta Corp., a
Silicon Valley startup that employs Linux creator Linus Torvalds
and has financial backing from Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul

“Although it has successfully operated in stealth mode for four
years, sources say the Santa Clara, Calif., company will introduce
the new low-power, energy-saving mobile processor that offers some
chameleon-like operating capabilities at a coming out party Jan.

Several manufacturers will be present at the Transmeta
launch, sources said, to announce handheld devices featuring the
new processor, which was developed in coordination with IBM’s
Microelectronics division.
The processor will be featured in
PDAs, phones and other handheld information appliances, according
to sources.”