PC Week: Microsoft is beginning to dominate performance

Thanks to theHippo for
this link.

“Just 10 years ago, MS-DOS was the market-leading OS. You never
saw Microsoft and enterprise mentioned together in the same month,
much less in the same sentence. My, how times have changed.”

“This week, PC Week Labs reports that Microsoft dominated an
independent Web application server test, conducted by testing
company Doculabs. The results show that Microsoft so dominated the
test–in terms of price and performance–that it looks downright
embarrassing for the competitors.”

“The Microsoft solution cannot be directly compared with
solutions from the other application server vendors, which ran
their tests on a series of Unix systems. For example, Doculabs
could have run Solaris on Intel boxes, which would have lowered the
overall cost. But does it matter?”

“Microsoft does have a weakness, however. Sun, IBM, Compaq,
Sequent and Hewlett-Packard all have non-NT systems at the top of
the TPC charts and perform about twice as fast as any of the
Microsoft entries.”

“But Microsoft’s biggest problem is perception. A lot of
people simply don’t like the company…”