PC Week: New name, focus for Caldera division

“Caldera Thin Clients Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Caldera
Inc., today renamed itself Lineo Inc. and shifted its focus from
embedded DR DOS technology to embedded Linux.”

“The move achieves two goals simultaneously for the Lindon,
Utah, company. First, it eliminates confusion between Caldera Thin
Clients, which has always focused on the embedded OS market, and
its sibling division, Caldera Systems Inc., a major Linux OS
distributor that markets OpenLinux for desktops and servers.”

“Second, while the company will still market its embedded DR DOS
technology with its Embrowser embedded Web browser, the strategic
shift to embedded Linux makes for a more consistent focus between
Lineo and Caldera Systems. Ransom Love, Caldera Systems’ CEO, has
made it a goal to scale his Linux OS both up and down, and today’s
move will provide the company with a scaled-down, embedded version
of the open-source software.”