PC World Online: Get Started with Linux

Thanks to Sean Coleman
for this link.

“Are you looking for a fast, reliable, inexpensive operating
system that can serve multiple users, act as an Internet server,
and support a slick graphical interface? You’re looking for

“There’s much to like about Linux, but getting started with this
OS can be intimidating. To begin with, there isn’t just one Linux
supplier: Since Linux is freely distributable, several different
companies market their own “distributions” of Linux. Each has its
pros and cons, and the distributions differ mainly in the software
packages that accompany the core of the operating system, as well
as in installation procedures. Some major Linux distributions
include those offered by Red Hat Software, Caldera, Slackware,
S.U.S.E., and Debian.”

“The instructions here are for Red Hat Linux 5.2. I assume
you’re already running Windows 95 or 98. I chose the Red Hat
distribution because of its relatively simple installation routine
and its ever-growing popularity in the tech industry”


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