PC World Online: Linux Resources Online

“In the months to come, PC World Online plans to run additional
features detailing how to get Linux’s graphical user interface, the
X Window system, up and running, how to connect to the Internet
with a modem, and a whole lot more. (If you want to try X Windows
now, type startx at the command prompt and see what happens. If
you’re lucky, you’ll see something vaguely resembling Windows after
a few seconds.)”

“If you just want to find out what’s going on in the Linux
community, here are two great options: Slashdot and Linux Today.
Slashdot bills itself as “news for nerds,” and doesn’t restrict
itself to Linux topics, but usually scoops most other Web sites
when it comes to Linux happenings. Linux Today focuses entirely on
Linux, and is a good place to go to find links to Linux stories all
over the Web.”

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