PCBurn.com: Dominions II, The Ascension Wars

[ Thanks to Chris for
this link. ]

“Dominions II by Illwinter Games is a turn based strategy game
with a map along the lines of Risk. Gameplay has more in common
with live strategy war gaming (maps and models and whatnot) than
with Civilization and it’s assorted clones and revolves around
allocating resources to create troops then using them to spread
your pretender deity’s religion to the far corners of the continent
through might or magic. While this may sound a bit simplistic,
Dominions II adds in a complex magic system, massive amounts of
troop types specific to each race, and fairly easy to use
customization of player deity and starting location. Dominion II’s
breadth of in-play options is its biggest feature.

“Initial setup for a game starts with choosing a race and
creating a pretender deity to lead them, picking a game map (or a
scenario with specific goals), and choosing which opponents are AI
controlled and at what level of difficulty they will play (easy,
medium, or hard). All of the options are extremely well balanced.
So much so, in fact, that I have yet to find a way to give myself
any kind of advantage during deity creation or map selection. Even
easy computer opponents prove a tough challenge, only allowing me
one win out of 20 or so games…”


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