PCMechanic: Windows to Ubuntu Transition Guide

“Alright, so you have successfully installed Ubuntu Linux, but
now what do you do with it? You are in the right place. I am going
to get you started with a guide on how to use your new Ubuntu
system. This transition guide is targeted at existing Windows users
and will show you how to do program installations, a little system
configuration, but primarily highlight some Windows ‘replacement’
programs for common applications you can’t live without. This
guide’s intent is to introduce you to equivalent programs to what
you are accustomed to and, hopefully, to cover a good amount of
what you might want in a new install. I am basing the content on
what I have personally experienced, email feedback from my
installation article, questions from the PC Mech Forums, and common
topics from the Ubuntu Forums. Hopefully this will answer a lot of
questions you may have before you ever have them…”

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