PCWorld: Is Linux Selling Out?

“There’s plenty of room at the Linux party for both
profit-seeking vendors and technical purists, according to Linus
Torvalds, founder of the open source platform.

“In an interview at LinuxWorld Expo Wednesday, Torvalds said
that commercialization can be a good thing, even if vendors are
looking to make money through the open source platform whose free
distribution has made it so popular.

“‘One of the things I like about the commercial companies is, I
mean, they’re supposed to try to make money off of it,’ said
Torvalds, who at one point during the interview had to pause to
accommodate a photo request from a conference attendee.

“Linux can be commercialized to make it more accessible to
non-technical people, but the platform must continue to thrive as a
platform for technical innovation, according to Torvalds…”


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