Pear OS Linux Panther 3 review

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“Though a Linux distribution running the GNOME 3 desktop, Pear
OS’s desktop is fashioned after Apple’s Mac OS X, and each major
version’s code name is taken from the Mac OS release with a
corresponding version number. So, “Panther,” the code name of Pear
OS Linux 3, is taken from the code name of Mac OS 10.3. If you have
not been following Apple’s flagship operating system, each Mac OS
edition is named after a big cat. Like all reviews published on
this website, this one is based on test installations of the 32-bit
edition of Pear OS Linux Panther 3 (a 64-bit edition is available
too) in virtual environments and on real hardware.

“The screen shot below shows the installer’s boot options.
Selecting any one of the first two options caused the system to
boot into the Live Desktop. From there, you may start the
installation by clicking on the “Install Pear OS” icon on the
desktop. And that icon is on the desktop whether you choose the
first or second boot menu option. So, do not expect that selecting
the second option will boot straight into the installation program.
That was the first minor bug I encountered while testing Pear OS
Linux Panther 3. “Minor” means that the bug did not affect the
functionality of the system in any significant manner.”

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