Penguin Computing To Offer Full Line of Ecrix Tape Drives In Its High End Server

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For Immediate Release. July 28,

Penguin Computing to Offer Full
Line of Ecrix VXA-1 Tape Drives in its High End Linux Servers

San Francisco, CA: Penguin Computing
announced today that it will become the first Linux company to
offer a full line of computers backed up by the new Ecrix VXA-1
tape drives.

“The new VXA-1 should be the default tape drive for
high reliability servers and we are extremely proud to be the first
system builder in the nation to fully integrate them in our
high-end line,” said Sam Ockman, President of the fast-growing San
Francisco Linux solutions and hardware company.

According to Ockman, “We want to build the most
reliable servers in the world. So, we take the most reliable
operating system in the world and select hardware to support it. We
have redundant hard drives, RAID for speed and reliability, hot
swappable hard drives and power supplies in case one fails,
innovative hot swappable cooling systems to maximize system life
and now the most efficient tape drives in the world.”

The VXA-1 tape drives have a 66 gigabyte capacity,
can process 6 megabytes per second and are included in Penguin
Computing systems for $1295. VXA-1 represents a new category in the
tape storage market, emphasizing the ability to restore data. 
VXA-1 offers data packetization and eliminates the constraints of
conventional streaming tape drives. According to Allison Huynh,
Penguin Computing’s Vice President, “These tape drives will fit
well with the Linux community. Most of our current and potential
customers are extremely concerned with reliability and are both
sophisticated and price sensitive.”

Penguin Computing is one of the world’s largest and
fastest growing companies selling Linux hardware and offering
complete Linux solutions. Penguin Computing provides customized
machines and offers support in 16 languages from 9am-5pm.

For more information, please contact Andy Kaufman,
[email protected] / 1-888-PENGUIN/ (415) 559-1466 or Nick
Thompson, (415) 559-1632. More detailed information about VXA-1
technology is available at www.vxatape.com. Please visit Penguin
Computing’s website at http://www.penguincomputing.com. Journalists
are also encouraged to visit
http://www.penguincomputing.com/pressresources.html for information
on the company and the Linux movement.