Penguinista.org: Online privacy rights need a legislative solution

[ Thanks to Brent
for this link. ]

“Internet retailer Amazon is reportedly notifying customers that
their personal information submitted to Amazon is a saleable asset,
and has posted a revised privacy policy linked from the company’s
home page.”

“While Amazon deserves credit for developing one of the more
plainly worded privacy policies on the web, its sheer length
guarantees that all but a few site visitors will never read it,
giving sale of personal information the “fine print” treatment in a
general grant of authority to share the information rather than
seeking customer permission for individual sales of their personal

This article isn’t intended to beat up on Amazon. The Amazon way
is the industry way, and Amazon is far from alone. But the
sheer breadth of the kinds of personal information sales Amazon
customers “agree” to illustrates just how serious the online
privacy rights issue has become.

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