Pentaho Brings Business Intelligence to Hadoop

[ Thanks to Vangie for this link.

“Pentaho has recently unveiled BI and data integration
tools for Hadoop, but they aren’t available to users of the free
community edition of Pentaho.”

“Pentaho describes the new offerings as ‘a collaborative effort
from both Pentaho Corporation and the Pentaho community,’ and said
the tools were put through ‘an extensive beta program that involved
both Pentaho community members and commercial customers.’ The
company claims it is the first solution to address user needs for
ETL and BI applications that make Hadoop easier to use for Big Data
analytics. Pentaho also contributed a number of improvements to
open source projects in the Hadoop ecosystem, including Apache Hive
and VFS.

“But the Pentaho Data Integration and BI tools for Hadoop aren’t
available for open source Pentaho users;”