Performance Computing: Evaluating OpenLinux 2.3

“If you’ve spent much time installing any OS, you’ve come to
realize that no matter how you approach it, it is a time-consuming
chore. There are two methods vendors use to help you pass the time
during this operation. The first is to ask questions throughout the
installation (every five minutes or so), and the second is to ask
you a few questions up front, start the laborious copy-and-install
process (giving you plenty of time to read the paper), then ask you
configuration questions at the end. In many ways, the second method
is preferable because you can actually work on something else and
return later if time allows. But if there is a configuration error,
many times you must start the whole process over.”

OpenLinux approaches the installation from a completely
different angle. The Enhanced Linux Installation Wizard (LIZARD)
asks all the questions up front in a graphical environment that
employs radio button choices everywhere it can. It is extremely
simple to use.
With the administrator’s configuration out of
the way, the system’s copy and install process begins. If you want
to stick around while this boring process takes place, a
Tetris-like game appears on the screen giving you something to do
while waiting-a noteworthy idea, and one so simple it is remarkable
no one thought of it before…”

“Upgrades from previous versions of OpenLinux retail for $19.95,
while the full version sells for $49.95. OpenLinux 2.3, based upon
the 2.2.10 kernel, is fully multiuser, multitasking, and
Y2K-compliant. It includes three CDs: the Linux kernel, source
code, and commercial packages.”

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