PerlMonth Issue #8 has been published

[ Thanks to Baiju
for this link. ]

From the front page of PerlMonth Issue #8:

Welcome to the Eighth edition of PerlMonth. The turn of the
century came and went and we are till alive.
PerlMonth is
kicking of the new year with a brand new column. Jeff “japhy”
Pinyan is starting a new column called “Coding with Style”. In his
column Jeff will talk about how to make your code shine like a
diamond, in midst of thousands of bad style program that are
available out there. If you want to move up in the Perl coding
style points, you need to read his columns. Of course his columns
will be functional and informative also….”

“Table of Contents

  • An Interview with Damian Conway
  • Perl Documentation Overview
  • XS Mechanics – Part 3
  • Help!!
  • mod_perl Coding Guidelines – Part 1
  • Coding With Style
  • Data beautification with MIDI::Realtime

You may find PerlMonth Issue #8 here.