Phoronix: NVClock v0.8 BETA Preview

[ Thanks to Phoronix for this link.

“Several months ago, we published an article entitled The State
of Linux NVIDIA Overclocking, which received quite a bit of
attention, as it revealed overclocking potential on some GeForce
cards, but also showed problems with other recent graphics cards.
Of course, the sole way to overclock the NVIDIA graphics cards
under Linux at the time without using a video BIOS editor was
NVClock. A few months later, accompanying the 1.0-7664 NVIDIA
display drivers, finally came the introduction of CoolBits to the
Linux platform. Since this time, there hasn’t been much in the way
of Linux NVIDIA overclocking advancements, until today. Earlier
this morning, after two years in the dark, there’s finally a major
update to NVClock, and that is the 0.8 BETA. Today we have a short
preview from this latest overclocking extravaganza…”

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