Phoronix: NVIDIA Q4-2005 (1.0-7XXX) Linux Driver Performance

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for this link. ]

“Although we have been quick to document all NVIDIA display
driver changes, once they are publicly unveiled, and we usually
publish the in-house results from our vigorous driver testing, we
haven’t done a massive display driver roundup in nearly a year
since our last one in early 2005. At that time, FedoraCore3 was in
its prime and the GeForce 7800GTX (G70) was yet to be publicly
displayed, but since that point NVIDIA has been fierce at improving
the quality of their alternative OS drivers. For our fourth quarter
2005 NVIDIA Linux driver comparison, we’ll be benchmarking all of
the 1.0-7XXX drivers, which consist of 1.0-7167, 1.0-7174,
1.0-7664, 1.0-7667, and 1.0-7676. Unlike the Windows BETA ForceWare
81.84 display drivers that were released earlier today, and contain
many enhancements, NVIDIA has confirmed to us that they will not
venture into any public Rel80 Linux releases until the end of

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