Phoronix: Quake 4 v1.2.1–SMP A Reality?

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for this
link. ]

“Released a little over a week ago from id Software was the
Quake 4 v1.2.0 patch. The patch addressed the monitor issue that
had initiated an immediate recall of the v1.1 patch at the end of
March. One of the issues, however, that has been lacking from the
Linux version of Quake 4 has been SMP capabilities. Quake 4 within
Microsoft Windows has supported SMP and Hyper-Threading Technology
since the v1.0.5 point release, while the Linux feature was
non-existent. This feature allows Quake 4 to take advantage of
Hyper-Threading Technology in Intel Pentium 4/D processors and
other multi-core systems. Systems with multiple cores should notice
significant performance gains when running Quake 4, permitting no
other hardware bottlenecks. According to id Software, systems with
a single physical core but those capable of benefiting from
Hyper-Threading Technology should experience a 25% performance
boost. Systems with two or more physical cores should see up to an
87% improvement. The true benefits may vary greatly depending upon
the CPU and GPU limitations as well as other factors…”

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