Pissed Off Penguins A Free and Open-Source Game

[ Thanks to Andrew
for this link. ]

“The first thing I found interesting was that Kris is using the
project funding platform Kickstarter.com to raise the funds for
developing the game. The way I understand Kickstarter to work is a
project idea is proposed, a donation goal is set, and if the goal
is met within the time threshold, the project is successfully
Kickstarted. People that donate to the project, known as “backers”,
are given all types of incentives depending on the amount they
donate. Check out the incentives for this project. Donations start
at $1.

“The second unique thing about the POP project is the entire
process is being documented on Kris’ Youtube channel. Each video he
puts out shows a different step or an update on the games’
progress. You can see how the game looks as it’s being created,
each step that’s taken and each mistake that’s made. This type of
documentation really provides a valuable training resource for
users interested in a similar game startup and it’s a great
incentive for people to donate and be apart of the project.”