Planning to Migrate to Linux? BEWARE!!!

“Dear Windows user, before you migrate to Linux, make sure you
understand some of the side-effects that may come after you take
your experimental Linux pill:

“1. Your computer may become dull or stop working: Windows is a
happy, efficient world where computers respond promptly and just
work. They work and work even when you don’t know. They work as
zombies and botnets, sending spam mail (in the best of the cases)
for some hacker out there who rightfully earned control over them.
Just last year, there was an estimate of twelve million zombies.
That is four times the whole population of a small country like
mine. Imagine! A whole country made of zombies!!! That is a happy
country! Windows is a happy world in which you (if you’re a hacker)
command and computers react. They react promptly to Trojans, worms
and malware of all forms under the sun. If you install Linux and
use it as your main OS, your computer may stop reacting to the
Trojans, worms and malware that took cyber-criminals a lot of time
and effort to design. Of course, if you engage into irresponsible
security behavior, your PC may still be responsive to them, but not
as it was with Windows. Are you sure you want a dull computer like
that? Who wants a computer that fails to respond to malware by
default? What? Your computer has never been part of a botnet, you
say? Are you sure? Then, why is it that some users complain that
their PCs still download updates regardless of their preferences?
They are part of the biggest botnet in the world, that’s why!

“2. You will be totally unprotected:”

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