PR: Fedora Core 3 Test 3 Out and About

Fedora Core 3 test 3 is now available. This is the last planned
test release before the final release – see: http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/schedule/

Notable in this test release:

  • All translations committed by the string freeze should be
    built. Please verify the accuracy and completeness of translations
    in your local language of choice.
  • Evolution has been updated to the released 2.0.1 version
  • Final GNOME 2.8 is included
  • the x86-64 DVD should now fit on a normal single-sided DVD
  • updates and fixes to the udev stack
  • the usual assorted bug fixes and updates

Note that due to the size fix for the x86-64 DVD, the source
RPMS are no longer included on the DVD images.

Please report problems at:


File bugs against product ‘Fedora Core’, release ‘fc3test3’.

For more information on just what the Fedora Project and Fedora
Core is, please see:


Fedora Core 3 Test 3 is available at the following sites (list
courtesy Seth Vidal):

More mirrors will come online in the near future; check:


for a list of mirrors that carry Fedora Core.

One additional feature provided by the Linux community is the
availability of Fedora Core releases via BitTorrent.



See http://torrent.linux.duke.edu/
for other forms, including SRPMS and the DVD iso. RPMS for
BitTorrent are available from:


Usage is simple:

btdownloadcurses.py –url http://URL.torrent

Allow incoming TCP 6881 – 6889 to join the torrent swarm.