PR Newswire: Embedded Linux Moved to Top Priority at Lineo, Inc, Formerly Caldera Thin Clients, Inc

“Lineo’s Embedded Linux, Based on Caldera Systems’ OpenLinux, Is
Natural Evolution for Companies With Years of Success in Both Linux
and Embedded”

“Caldera®, Inc. today announced that its embedded Linux®
research and development plans will be carried forward by its
wholly-owned subsidiary, Caldera Thin Clients, which was today
renamed Lineo(TM), Inc. Lineo’s embedded Linux platform,
Embedix(TM), is based on Caldera Systems’ OpenLinux®, a
full-featured operating system platform. Caldera Systems, the
‘Linux for Business’ industry leader, will continue to develop,
market and sell OpenLinux to PC software markets. Lineo’s Embedix
solutions will extend OpenLinux to the embedded market.”

“‘Caldera was the first company to invest heavily in the
establishment of Linux as an acceptable business solution,’ said
Bryan Sparks, CEO of both Caldera, Inc. and the newly-evolved
Lineo, Inc. ‘Five years after forming Caldera, we are now launching
Lineo for the purpose of defining the commercial embedded Linux
marketplace and obtaining wide market implementation of this
incredible operating system environment in compact devices