Precision Planning; Prepping for 12.04 LTS

“We have a proud heritage from Debian which 12.04 LTS needs to
celebrate and maintain; although we have some key advantages for
enterprises deploying Ubuntu over Debian in our ability to enable
some additional security features in the Linux kernel and
toolchain, as well as support, certification and assurance, the
lean-mean-green-machine nature of the Ubuntu Server experience owes
much to Debian’s focus on quality and precision.

12.04 will be the first LTS to support the ARM architecture on
selected ARM SoC parts. In a world where computational density is
increasingly prioritized over single-thread performance, the entry
of ARM to the server market is a very interesting shift. Ubuntu has
established a very strong competence in ARM and I think the 12.04
LTS release will power a new generation of power-focused hardware
for the data centre.


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