Presswire: PERICOM: Industry’s widest range of X windows based emulations available for Linux

“Pericom, the software and IT services company, announces the
availability of teemX version 4.2.7 which, with its new and
enhanced features, supports the industry”s widest range of terminal
emulators for X-windows available in a single product.

“Fully Year 2000 compliant, teemX version 4.2.7 now includes
full support for Linux desktop platforms…”

“teemX integrates seamlessly into the X Window system with
selectable Motif and Open Look standard user interfaces to ensure
ease of use and maximum productivity.

“In addition to multi-session text and graphics emulators in
a single product, teemX offers productivity bonuses with advanced
file transfer protocols,
a comprehensive script language and
IBM compatible advanced programming interface for the creation of
customised applications.”

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