Preview: GNOME 3

[ Thanks to Prashanth for this link.

“Usually, when I review desktop environments, I review
KDE, specifically version 4. Why? It’s constantly evolving and
improving, and it’s nice to be able to see such changes occurring
on all fronts so quickly. By contrast, GNOME and Xfce (not to
mention other WMs like Openbox) have remained relatively the same
over the past few releases. Sure, Nautilus got tabbed browsing in
version 2.22 (I think) and split-pane viewing in version 2.30.
Sure, there may have been a couple other back-end changes. But
generally speaking, where KDE 4 has changed pretty noticeably
between point releases, GNOME has been quite stable. That’s all
going to change, because GNOME is about to be released under a
whole new number: 3. That’s right: the number preceding the decimal
point in a GNOME release will no longer be ‘2’.

“There are some pretty big changes in store for GNOME 3, much of
which can be seen in the front-end. Because many major
distributions are planning to upgrade to GNOME 3 once that gets
released (in a few weeks, apparently), it’s important that users
try GNOME 3 beforehand both to get accustomed to it as well as to
find and report lingering bugs. Happily, the good people at Fedora
and openSUSE have put together live CD ISO files with vanilla GNOME
3 on them, just for the purpose of trying out GNOME 3.”

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