PR:Gnome Foundation: Preliminary Results

Preliminary Results

Why Preliminary?

This results are preliminary results: they can be challenged by
sending a mail to elections@gnome.org. If you
want to verify the results, you can look at the instructions
that explain how to do so. All challenges must be sent before
December 20th, 23:59 UTC. The results

There were 183 valid votes, out of 324 members. One vote was not
valid because the voter sent an invalid authentication token.

Owen Taylor (150 votes) – Red Hat
Luis Villa (131 votes) – Novell, Inc.
Jody Goldberg (124 votes) – Novell, Inc.
Daniel Veillard (119 votes) – Red Hat
Jonathan Blandford (112 votes) – Red Hat
Federico Mena-Quintero (108 votes) – Novell, Inc.
Tim Ney (105 votes) – GNOME Foundation
Miguel de Icaza (103 votes) – Novell, Inc.
Murray Cumming (103 votes) – None
Christian Schaller (99 votes) – Fluendo S.L.
David Neary (93 votes) – None
Anne �stergaard (86 votes) – None
Bill Haneman (85 votes) – Sun Microsystems
Leslie Proctor (79 votes) – None
Dom Lachowicz (79 votes) – None
Michael Meeks (76 votes) – Novell, Inc.
Bryan Clark (75 votes) – Red Hat
Po�-Caama�o (47 votes) –
Rodney Dawes (19 votes) – Novell, Inc.

The future board

If these results are not challenged, then the eleven board
directors will be:

Owen Taylor
Luis Villa
Jody Goldberg
Daniel Veillard
Jonathan Blandford
Federico Mena-Quintero
Tim Ney
Miguel de Icaza
Murray Cumming
Christian Schaller
David Neary

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