PRNewswire: Applied Data Systems (ADS)… Intel StrongARM SA-1110-based Embedded Linux Platform…

“Applied Data Systems (ADS), a leading developer of
application-ready embedded systems, has launched a new
commercially-available Linux — Intel StrongARM SA-1110 platform.
ADS introduced the Linux/Intel StrongARM SA-1110 combination on its
popular ADS Graphics Client single board computer systems, with
driver capability to load Linux from PCMCIA ATA cards, on-board
flash memory, for a flash file system, serial ports, and with the
ability to create output on a variety of LCD displays. “

“The ARM port was developed by members of the SA-1100 workgroup
of the Open Source Developers Community, and the kernel runs on
many different ARM-based hardware platforms. The ADS Virtual Linux
Development Team (VLDT) was responsible for the modifications and
for the integration of Linux device drivers with ADS boards, and
for continued initiatives for the testing of the platforms. The
VLDT is also supplying the ARM port to MontaVista Software, who
will productize it as Hard Hat Linux for ARM (Nasdaq:

“The ADS Linux/Intel StrongARM SA-1110 systems provide users
with the advantages of the open source cooperative and
cost-effective environment, combined with Intel StrongARM’s
low-power board designs, which are becoming the preferred core
components for the enormous growing markets for portable /wireless
applications. The Linux/Intel StrongARM SA-1110 combination is
positioned to proliferate in intelligent, easy-to-use, low-power
and inexpensive wireless, handheld and consumer display markets.
Applications for the Linux Graphics Client also include fleet
management, process control and kiosk/retail uses. “Engineers in
the wireless embedded world request the type of portability that
the Linux/StrongARM SA-1110 combination will provide, ” said Robert
Olsen, president of Applied Data Systems.”

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