PRNewswire: Applied Microsystems & MontaVista Join to Provide Debug Tools for Embedded Linux

“Applied Microsystems, a leading innovator in software
development solutions, and MontaVista Software Inc., developer of
the Hard Hat Linux operating system are working together to better
serve embedded systems developers.”

“Building on Applied’s expertise in software development and
MontaVista’s proficiency in embedded Linux the two companies will
address the needs of developers who are faced with designing better
products, faster. Those designing products as diverse as mobile
networked computers, set-top boxes, Web-aware telephones and other
Internet-related products are begging for powerful development
tools. These evolving consumer applications require new levels of
quality of service and device reliability previously only required
in safety-critical environments such as aerospace and medical
devices. To meet unprecedented time-to-market pressures and
amplified quality and reliability requirements users will look to
companies like Applied and MontaVista for unique solutions.”

Initial plans call for the integration of Applied’s
CodeTEST development tool and MontaVista’s Hard Hat Linux. A big
advantage of the alliance is the complementary nature of the two
companies’ products and the availability of an integral development
solution for the user.
CodeTEST offers superior performance,
memory, coverage and trace features, which equate to huge
productivity and reliability gains for embedded Linux

Press Release