PRNewswire: CopperZ’s New Line of Linux Servers Redefines Price Performance Ratios

“CopperZ, Inc. a manufacturer of rack-mounted Linux servers,
today introduced a new line of Linux servers that feature dual
Intel processors and an extensive preloaded library of Open Source

“CopperZ Linux Servers range in price from $1995 to $5995.
All servers feature dual Intel processors and dual disks. Each
server comes with a variety of Open Source software programs. The
list includes Apache, Zope, Webmin, MySQL, and Postgres. All
software has been configured and tested to work with CopperZ

“We believe that Linux servers and Open Source software are
rapidly becoming the primary building blocks of the Internet
infrastructure. Dual processors excel at concurrent HTML and
database processing, while dual DMA/66 disks provide impressive
throughput. We saw a need to join these resources together at more
competitive prices,” said Joel Farley, president for CopperZ.”

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