PRNewswire: Dialtone Internet…to Introduce Clustered Dedicated Hosting Services based on Linux

“Dialtone Internet, a leading provider of Linux Data solutions
that custom builds, host and supports web systems and application
hosting, today announced the availability of clustered hosting
services based on the Linux server platform.”

“The advanced clustering services based on custom-built systems
made by Dialtone Internet is a standard hosting solution available
to all customers. The solution is bundled with Cluster Monitor, a
high availability solution from Dialtone Internet that adds
increased redundancy for both network services and high bandwidth
content sites.”

Using code from the Linux Virtual Server project, our new
clustering solution allows previously unattainable levels of
scalability and Reliability, which, when coupled with our Linux
expertise and high-speed network, provide an easy, one-stop
solution for high-traffic websites looking to move to the next
,” Said Kyle Sparger, Senior System Administrator and

Press Release