PRNewswire: EarthWeb Announces Expansion of Linux Content With Publication of Linux Courseware

“EarthWeb (Nasdaq: EWBX) announced today that it is offering a
comprehensive Linux course that has been designed so that IT
professionals can acquire the foundation and skills to setup and
administer the Linux operating system with an emphasis on Caldera
Linux and Red Hat Linux. EarthWeb’s Linux Courseware expands
EarthWeb’s current Linux content that has been compiled through
license agreements from the Coriolis Group, IDG Books Worldwide,
Macmillan Computer Publishing, Sybex, Wiley Computer Publishing and
Wordware Publishing….”

“EarthWeb’s Linux Courseware is designed to be a comprehensive
solution for IT professionals who need Linux skills to meet the
growing demand for Open Source software systems,” said Steve
Walter, Group Vice President of Knowledge Products at EarthWeb.
“The five-day course can be modified for shorter durations and
covers aspects of Linux from installation and administration to

“EarthWeb’s Linux Courseware contains a Linux Knowledge Guide
with eight chapters: Access, Origin & Use, Myths, Installation,
Managing Users & Groups, Desktop Environment, User Environment
and Systems Administration. The Student Resource Kit includes one
knowledge guide, one student guide, one software copy of Caldera
and Red Hat Linux and a 90-day subscription to EarthWeb’s
ITKnowledge. The Instructor Resource Kit includes one student
kit along with one instructor guide and PowerPoint slides.
Courseware will be available for purchase on January 31, 2000.”

Press Release