PRNewswire: Educational Program for Embedded Systems Professionals Reflects Growing Demands…

“For engineers and designers faced with the growing complexity
of embedded Internet connectivity, the Embedded Systems Conference
(ESC) Summer, returns to Boston with a comprehensive technical
program and an expanded show floor. One of the world’s leading
educational forums for the electronics industry, the conference
offers dozens of new classes that reflect hot industry trends, such
as Internet-appliance design, open-source coding, and emerging
communications protocols.”

“The open source movement continues to grow in the embedded
industry as the debate continues about whether to base
mission-critical embedded applications on an open platform. ESC
Summer attendees can get up to speed with Linux and GNU by
attending one of the many classes that address open-source
development, such as Linux in Post-PC-Centric Computing, Using
Linux to Implement 8- and 16-Bit Device Networking Solutions, and
Embedding with GNU.”

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