PRNewswire: Global Media’s Award Winning Broadcast Solution Featured in January 2000 Linux Journal

“Global Media…is pleased to announce that its award-winning
Linux based solution was featured in the January 2000 issue of this
prestigious publication. The story informs the Linux community of
an Linux application that translates to Internet Broadcasting in
Audio and Video formats. Global Media recently won the Best Overall
Solution at the 99 Comdex Penguin Playoffs.”

“Michael Metcalfe Chairman of Global Media added to this
announcement by saying, “With this story breaking into a
publication like the journal that portrays and messages this pure
technology, we have really turned heads in this Linux
With the momentum coming from positive Media
combined with our business to business solution we now have a
credible endorsement that enables a much wider distribution of our
ground breaking broadcast platform that tracks much faster toward
our revenue model.”

“Winston Barta also commented that “This innovative and
revolutionary business to business broadcast opportunity exists for
all of our present and future clients. Adding to the real fact that
we won the Penguin Playoffs at Comdex for the best overall solution
running up against companies like Red Hat Software (Nasdaq: RHAT)
and Corel (Nasdaq: CORL) and also to be featured in this Linux
publication really makes us all feel good about our technology
choices, business plan, and the way we have applied both of them
for the new millennium. We are also working on a daily basis to
release the newest version of our Broadcast Player within the next
two weeks that will certainly further our exposure to high-tech and
traditional media reviews of this highly developed software.”

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