PRNewswire: Inline Announces the Release of iHTML v.2.18 for UNIX Platforms

” The release of iHTML v.2.18, and its increased availability
across UNIX platforms, have given Inline Internet Systems, Inc. a
competitive edge over similar products from Microsoft…and the
Allaire Corporation…in the dynamic web application tool market.
iHTML is a web programming language for building
database-derived, interactive web environments.
“Cold Fusion
and Active Server Pages are similar products to iHTML in that they
use the same paradigm, but iHTML is considerably faster and now
portable across Windows and UNIX platforms”, says Russ Cobbe,
President of Inline.”

“UNIX accounts for the majority of the operating systems used by
ISPs, and the Redhat Linux (Nasdaq:RHAT) variant has been gaining
considerable support in recent months. In the past year, Inline has
expanded iHTML’s availability to include more UNIX platforms. iHTML
now supports Linux, FreeBSD, BSDi, SCO…HP-UX…and
Solaris….iHTML Pro for both Windows and UNIX is priced at $590US
per server….”

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