PRNewswire: LinuxMall.com to Sponsor Linux Community Organizations… Linux Business Expo… Hubs

“LinuxMall.com (www.linuxmall.com), the number one Linux
e-commerce site and destination site for the Linux community, has
announced it is sponsoring all four Linux Business Expo
Community Hubs. Linux Community Hubs provide free booth space to
nonprofit organizations that make significant contributions to the
Linux and Open Source movement.”

“The Community Hub at Linux Business Expo at COMDEX Chicago
April 17 to 20 will be co-sponsored by SCO, a global leader in
server-based software for networked business computing.”

“”It is important for these organizations to have a strong
presence at the major Linux trade shows,” said Mark Bolzern,
president of LinuxMall.com. “These organizations have made huge
contributions in the spirit of the Linux and Open Source
communities, and it’s important for them to be recognized and
interact with one another and other Linux companies.””

Press Release