PRNewswire: NEC Electronics and VioSoft… Linux… For NEC’s Hardware Development Platforms

“NEC Electronics Inc. and VioSoft Corporation, a leading
software development tools vendor, today announced that the
Linux operating system, version 2.3.9, has been ported to NEC’s
standard evaluation platforms for its VR4121(TM), VR5432(TM) and
VR5000(TM) 64-bit MIPS(R) RISC microprocessors.
In addition to
providing NEC Electronics’ customers with an evaluation platform
and reference design, the boards can also be used to develop and
test peripheral hardware, device drivers and software applications.
These host platforms include the traditional build environments for
Linux, as well as Windows(R) 95/98/NT.”

“The new evaluation boards come with a standard Linux port and
have also been ported to VioSoft’s Arriba!(TM), an integrated
development environment (IDE) and debugging tool used specifically
in Linux-based development environments. With the availability of
new versions of the Java(TM)-based Arriba! (see related press
release from VioSoft), Linux developers can debug their software
products with state-of-the-art development tools, as opposed to the
trial-and-error methods they were forced to use in the past.”

“”The embedded market’s interest in Linux is growing and NEC
Electronics is committed to supporting Linux,” said Karl Auker,
assistant general manager for the VR Series microprocessors
business unit at NEC Electronics. “Our commitment to the Linux
operating system is evidenced by our work with VioSoft to provide
complete Linux development platforms for our VR Series
microprocessors. In addition, we applaud VioSoft’s efforts to
provide system designers with the software development tools needed
for next-generation Linux applications.””

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