PRNewswire: NMxS.com Announces Red Hat Linux Platform Compatibility

“New Mexico Software…announced today that it will begin
shipping its Internet infrastructure technology on the Red Hat
Linux…platform on February 2, 2000. The New Mexico Software
technology will bring new and unique capabilities to the Linux
platform including an enhanced viewing environment, e-commerce
enabling and media asset management capabilities.
Linux users
will now be able to take advantage of New Mexico Software’s unique
viewing feature that allows viewers to zoom in and magnify selected
portions of an image and then instantly pan this magnification
around the image to examine more details- without viewer-side
plug-ins. In addition, the technology will provide Linux users with
color control capabilities to manipulate the image on the screen
(without altering the actual file) for the purpose of making subtle
details more visible in images; an important feature for
telemedicine applications such as viewing x-rays and medical

“The Company’s products are workgroup to enterprise scalable and
provide a full spectrum of e-commerce enabling capabilities
including encrypted credit card transactions and comprehensive data
mining reports detailing website activity. Linux users will also be
able to take advantage of New Mexico Software’s comprehensive media
asset management solutions for the efficient management and
distribution of digital media files such as graphic images, medical
and dental images, video clips and audio recordings.”

“Remarking on New Mexico Software’s decision to make its
products available on the Linux platform, Rafael Rubio, Project
Leader, stated, “We are avid supporters of Linux and the Open
Source movement. We are dedicated to providing our technology on
Linux to help fortify it as a viable commercial server while
expanding our customers’ platform choices. It’s really about
delivering a product that best serves our customers’ needs.”

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