PRNewswire: Open Source Leaders… IT Executives…

“Quoting Bill Peterson, an analyst with IDC, [Caldera CEO]
Ransom Love stressed, ‘The Linux community must become a Linux
industry.’ He added, ‘It must also become a solution rather than a
group of packages that make up an operating system.’ Commenting on
his recent worldwide tour, Love confidently stated, ‘I can say
the shift to Linux as a business alternative is happening …
the explosion is in sight.
‘ “

“Conference sponsor, Atipa Linux Solutions announced onsite
yesterday a partnership with Alpha Processor, Inc. Said Jason
Talley, president and CEO of Atipa Linux Solutions, ‘Alpha offers
an ideal environment for Linux, serving up robust yet affordable
processing capacity. We see this technology partnership as a
springboard for Linux into new, volume markets and utilized the
focused environment of the Open Source Forum to make our

The Apache Group also announced during yesterday’s panel
session, Progress Report on Apache, the creation of the Apache
Software Foundation (ASF). The ASF will provide organizational,
legal, and financial support for the Apache open source software

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