PRNewswire: Photodex Corporation releases public beta of CompuPic Digital Content Manager for Linux

“Providing a solution to the problem of consistent file and
content management across all implementations on the Linux
platform, Photodex Corporation today released the first public beta
of its CompuPic Digital Content Manager for Linux. It also
announced availability of the first of a range of open source shell
utilities for the Linux community.”

“Already tried and tested on the Windows and Mac platforms and
with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, CompuPic Digital
Content Manager will let Linux users visually access, manage and
manipulate their graphics and media files. CompuPic provides a
solid file management base for general use as well as specific
graphics and media editing tools for imaging enthusiasts.”

“Most users are afraid of command lines, which is one of the
reasons Windows has been so successful,” said Paul Schmidt,
Photodex CEO. “We believe the next wave of software, including open
source, will demonstrate that Linux can be as easy to use as
Windows, perhaps easier!”

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