PRNewswire: Platform Computing Unveils ‘Virtual Supercomputing’ Technology…

“Addressing a world where computing infrastructures are becoming
increasing more complex, environments more mixed and time pressures
more intense, Platform Computing Corp. today unveiled its newest
version of the sophisticated resource management solution, LSF 4.0.
Hailed as a key technology by the authors of ‘The Grid: Blueprint
for a New Computing Infrastructure,’ Platform’s LSF enables
enterprises and users to share computing power to achieve better
business results.”

“LSF is the key enabling technology in some of the world’s
largest ‘superclusters’
where 100s, even 1,000s of computers
work in concert on some of the most advanced computing projects
ever devised. Used in a wide range of vertical markets including
automotive, computer and semiconductor design, aerospace, finance,
government and biotechnology, LSF gives enterprises the ability to
fully maximize the use of their technical resources — including
applications, hardware and personnel.”

“LSF 4.0 addresses the critical need for sophisticated
interoperability between systems and environments. Providing the
widest range of operating system and platform support of any
resource management solution on the market today, LSF supports
everything from Linux to supercomputing operating systems, from
inexpensive x86-based workstations to powerful Cray and NEC
supercomputing platforms.”

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